A recent article published in Laryngoscope. 2013 Nov 15, authored by  Deeb R, Judge P, Peterson E, Lin JC and Yaremchuk K, stated-

“A growing body of evidence indicates that primary snoring (PS) may be the initial presentation of sleep-disordered breathing and can adversely affect an individual’s health. Individuals with the sole diagnosis of PS were evaluated to determine if a relationship exists between snoring and thickening of the intima media of the carotid arteries.”

It was a well designed study – that means it was good science – and it came to the following conclusion –

“This study shows a relationship between Primary Snoring and Intima Media thickness of the carotid arteries. Given the well-described relationship between increased carotid Intima Media thickness and serious health conditions, non-apneic snoring may be a precursor to changes of the carotid artery intima and should be further investigated.”

So even if you don’t have sleep apnea, snoring is a real health risk.  If you snore, it is time to find out what can be done about it…